The Keto diet goes way beyond the Atkins diet in terms of burning fat fast!

What Makes The Keto Diet Really Work?

The keto diet is not new.  Most modern day dieters will know about it
from the days of the Atkins diet. The Atkins Diet was a popular low-carb
diet developed in the 1960s by cardiologist Robert C. Atkins. It was
and still is ) your basic restrict carbs while emphasizing protein and fats
kind of diet.

But, the ketogenic diet goes back even further.

The classic therapeutic ketogenic diet was developed for treatment of
childhood epilepsy in the 1920s and was widely used into the next decade
for this purpose and not really a weight loss diet. But, as is the case in
today’s pill popping world, the keto diet for treating epilepsy fell by
the wayside with introduction  anti-convulsant medications.

Today, the keo diet has had a resurgence in popularity among  body-
builders and people who are looking for a fast weight loss solution.
There is a reason why keto is so highly regarded in today’s fitness
trending climate it that it’s not a fad diet. It actually works, and it has
tremendous health benefits in addition to weight loss. When on the
keto diet, you are feeding your body exactly what it needs, while
eliminating toxins that slow you down.

The keto diet focuses on low carbohydrates (like the Atkins diet) and
adds the added twist of high fats. Carbs slow your body down, fats speed
your body up.

The Keto diet goes way beyond the Atkins diet in terms of burning fat fast!

Why Too Many Carbs Are Bad For Your Body

So, what’s so awful about too many carbs?

  • Carbohydrates are converted into glucose which causes a spike in insulin.
  • A spike in insulin can also result in storage of fats.
  • The glucose then becomes your body’s source for energy instead.
  • Instead of burning fat for energy, you are now not burning fat, but
    instead, just using the carbs
  • This, in turn, means the fat stays on your body and you never lose it.
  • So the more carbs you consume in your daily diet, the less
    fat is being burned for energy. Instead, the spike in insulin will
    result in more fat storage.

What Happens When You Deprive Your Body Of Those Carbs?

When you consume less carbohydrates, the body goes into a state
known as ketosis. Thus, the name for this low-carb diet i.e. Keto Diet.

Ketosis helps the body survive on less food. By being in ketosis, you
‘train’ your body to utilize fats as the main source of energy instead
of carbs, primarily because the goal of the diet is to consume close to
ZERO carbs.

During ketosis, the liver breaks down fats into ketones, which
enables the body to use the fat as energy. During a keto diet, we
don’t starve ourselves of calories; we starve the body of
carbohydrates. This makes weight loss easy and natural.

Over the years of research and documentation, it is now known
that the keto diet also has many additional health benefits
besides fat loss.

The keto diet is an easy diet, but some people do miss beans and
breads. It takes a bit of getting used to, starting anything new is
challenging after all. But ultimately, you’ll feel much better, both
physically and mentally that you’d be happy to avoid carbs once
and for all. And being able to eat bacon on a diet does have its

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