Why these 3 foods are the worst to eat in the morning. Eating the wrong foods for breakfast makes you fat, sluggish and just plain tired all day. CallMeSkinny.com #ketodiet #ketofoods #ketoforbeginners

Why These Are The 3 WORST Foods You Can Eat In The Morning

What are the absolutely worst food to eat in the morning?  I think we all know by now that high-carbohydrate, made with refined flour foods, grabbed on the go do you more harm than good.

Is your breakfast making you fat? Best fat burning foods for breakfast are not what you think. CallMeSkinny.com #ketofood #ketobreakfast

Any quick breakfast food that is low in fat and full of sugars and wheat flour are going to make you fat, even if you grab them only now and then. Read on to find out why these are the worst foods to eat for a quick breakfast.

The truth is that wheat flour is bad for anyone in so many ways. It is a high carbohydrate grain, it is often genetically modified and it is not a good source of fiber. Whole wheat packaged items are going to be just as bad as refined flours.

Now it should go without saying that starting your day with ANY store bought foods packed with wheat flour including doughnuts, pastries, or wheat flour muffins are a fat storing NIGHTMARE.

But most folks turn to other so-called healthier alternatives that are actually just as bad.

For instance, many people think eating gluten-free is an answer, but it is not. Many packaged, gluten free products are packed with bad sugars and high-carb flours and flour substitutes like tapioca starch, potato starch and high carbohydrate rice flour.

Other people think that grabbing a so-called, protein bar that they got at the health food store, is the right thing to have while rushing out the door; but take a look at the ingredients and you will see that it is full of sugar and bad fats, not to mention all the GMO ingredients (like soy).

Here are 3 of the WORST Foods to Eat in the Morning

1. Muffins

Most store-bought muffins are giant, which means they can sometimes contain over 600-700 calories that have absolutely NO protein or healthy fats to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

2. Bagels

Would you sit down and knowingly eat FOUR slices of bread? Well, MOST bagels have the equivalent of four servings of bread, which will quickly convert into sugar making you store fat and feel lethargic in no time.

3. Cereals

Over-the-counter cereals are, by far, one of the worst foods for your waistline and your health. The majority of over-the-counter cereals are empty calories, simple carbs and sugar, cleverly disguised as a ‘healthy’ breakfast.

If you wake up and eat ANY of the above 3 foods to start your day it’s like being pumped with a barrel full of water directly into your body.

Seriously, these high-carb, refined foods make you literally swell up, while making you feel fat and bloated the entire day. They also FORCE your body to depend on sugar all day instead of burning fat.

So, what Food Should You Eat For Breakfast?

First, whatever you eat it should be a whole, nutritious foods, not some packaged foods that is quick to eat-on-the-go.

And, if you are interested in getting skinny or maintaining that weight loss you have worked so hard to attain, then it should be foods that you can eat in the morning that are guaranteed to turn your fat burning switch to ON as soon as you wake up.

The best choice, then is to learn more about Keto Foods and how they work to get your body into a fat burning machine. The Keto diet is about eating foods that are high in fat and protein and specifically designed to  make you look and feel leaner – in as little as 24 hours – simply because your will be holding LESS water.

This is key and why the Keto diet is gaining in popularity but it can be confusing, at first. That’s why getting a good Keto diet cookbook along with an informative guide to the ketogenic diet is a good place to start.

What 3 breakfast foods are the worst thing to eat in the morning. These foods are making you fat and why you should not eat them! CallMeSkinny.com #ketodiet #ketodietfoods #ketofood
Why these 3 foods are the worst to eat in the morning. Eating the wrong foods for breakfast makes you fat, sluggish and just plain tired all day. CallMeSkinny.com #ketodiet #ketofoods #ketoforbeginners

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