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7 Sneaky Ways To Exercise & Lose 10 Pounds In A Month

You decide to lose 10 pounds in a month but your prefer not to go on a diet and make big changes to how you eat. Exercise is your other option but what exercises do you focus on to lose those 10 pounds before another month goes by?

Before you do anything drastic,  some advice is to think about your preferences. Do you jog at 6 a.m. every morning, even when the 30 degree weather turns your nose into frost? Or, do you shudder at the thought of getting up early and prefer to wrap yourself in a down comforter?

Your preferences towards exercise determine what you should do to lose weight.

Let’s say you spend most of your leisure time sitting on the couch, reading a murder mystery. While you may not call yourself a “coach potato,” you do classify as an inactive person. Simply realizing this fact puts you one step forward to losing 10 pounds.

The next step involves deciding how to exercise, which is part of any good weight loss plan. Sure, going to the gym may be the first option that comes to your mind, but you have more choices. You may breathe a sigh of relief after reading the last line, since the gym may not be comfortable or convenient for you.

What does it take to lose 10 lbs in a month? 7 ways to use exercise to lose weight just for women. CallMeSkinny.com #lose10lbs #10lbsinamonth #weightlossforwomen #loseweight #exercisetoloseweight


Other options to get more exercise can require more creativity, but the process is worth the extra effort. Here are 6 ideas to get you moving.

1. Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

For instance, do you drive to the farmer’s market every weekend?

Assuming it’s not too far, you might consider getting a cart and walking the around the produce stalls and if driving, park a distance away –  a few blocks of walking makes a difference.

2. Find Time At Work to Get In The Move Groove

When at work, can park fas far away as you can to give yourself a mini-workout before you reach the office. Then, at lunchtime, go for a sight-seeing walk around the neighborhood, perhaps taking a colleague along.

3. Cooking A Family Meal Can Count As Exercise!

At home, you can continue finding convenient ways to exercise. Do you zap a frozen dinner in the microwave and then sit down to do nothing? As a replacement you can cook a wholesome, delicious meal and get some exercise in the process running around preparing it.

4. Get The Whole Family Up and Moving With You

And don’t forget about involving your family in exercise as well. Find an indoor playing center, with a playground and various activities. Or, shoot hoops in the backyard with your kids or by yourself. If you don’t want to miss a football game on television, tape the game or listen in on the radio.

5. Make TV Time a Time To Exercise

Since television can be a huge obstacle to exercise, here’s another way to work around this problem. The next time you decide to watch a video or a television program, don’t sit down. Instead, get up and do aerobics, or bounce on an exercise ball, or ride an exercise bike while you watch.

Lose 10 lbs with a new exercise plan- one that works for you. Want to low weight without dieting. Here an answer just for women. CallMeSkinny.com #lose10lbs #10lbsinamonth #weightlossforwomen #loseweight #exercisetoloseweight

6. Put Gym Equipment in Your Spare Room

Depending on your preferences, you may want to get a home gym, with an exercise bicycle, treadmill, boxing gear, or an abdominal exerciser. These options give you the ability to workout in the privacy of your home. But, choose equipment that you will actually use.

7. Clean Your House!

Ugh…who wants to but if you think about it as exercise, then you are killing 2 birds…well, you know. Do a deep clean on weekends and maybe dust one night and then mop the kitchen another night after work and so on- just be up and out of the chair and do something every day for a month.Before you know it those 10 lbs should be gone and you can keep going for the next 10 lbs!

It comes down to making changes in your lifestyle that you can handle and sticking with this routine. Soon, the “exercise” will become second nature for you, making you 10 pounds lighter and happier.

You might even have enough extra energy for that morning jog.

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