Lift weights, tone your body, balance out your hormones...just for women. #weightliftingwomen #weightliftingforwomen #fitness

Lift Weights, Tone Up and Boost Those Fat Burning Hormones

FACT: The fastest way to get a more attractive body as a woman is to lift weights.

Fact: Fastest way for women to get toned, balance hormones and lose weight is by lifting weights. #weightlossforwomen

Everybody knows that men lose weight easier than women. The reason is due to muscle mass.

The biggest tip that every woman should know when it comes to weight loss, is that they should try weightlifting or another form of ‘resistance’ training.

In other words, women should drop the over-reliance on cardio exercise and start lifting weights to get the upper hand on losing weight.

Many women worry about this because they think that they are going to get ‘too bulky’ from lifting weights and resistance training and that the resultant look will be unattractive.

In reality though, it is actually very hard to become bulky and especially for a woman. What’s more likely is that added muscle mass will simply speed up your metabolism (muscle is what we call ‘metabolically active’) and that will allow you to burn fat at a faster rate.

At the same time, lifting weight will help women to gain the right proportions, to tone up and to increase their tone and definition in order to get rid of things like cellulite. It will even increase the production of fat burning hormones!

Hormones play a large role in fat burning and muscle mass and the biggest drivers here include testosterone and estrogen.

Hormonal imbalance is a leading cause of fat in women.

Studies show that testosterone is an important modulator of muscle mass, and acute increases in testosterone can be induced by resistance exercise, in women as well as men.

Lift weights, tone your body, balance out your hormones...just for women. #weightliftingwomen #weightliftingforwomen #fitness
Resistance weight lifting for women tones body, balance hormone and actively assists in weight loss. #weightliftingwomen #liftweightsforweightloss
The key for women to lose weight is to tone up, balance out your hormones with resistance exercises and lifting weights. #weightlossforowmen #weightliftingwomen
Tone up by lifitng weights, balance hormones and transform your body. Start here. #weightliftingforwomen #tonebody #weightlossforwomen

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