Father's Day Gift Idea for Paleo Dads - How about a gift crate full of means and cooking tools for him! CallMeSkinny.com

Unique Father’s Day Gifts For A Paleo Dad

Is your father a Paleo Dad? My dad just started eating Paleo so what else would I get him for Father’s day than something that fits his new lifestyle of eating primarily meats and vegetables.

Father's Day Gift Idea for Paleo Dads - How about a gift crate full of means and cooking tools for him! CallMeSkinny.com


When he first started Paleo about 6 months ago, the first thing he did was get a bunch of cookbooks (yes, he is a good cook and cooks for himself and loves having friends over for a meal or cookout) and scoured the net for recipes.

So, now that it is his first Fathers’s Day as a Paleo Dad, I had to get creative when brain storming what to get him. I finally decided upon a Paleo Gift Basket( or a ‘gift crate” as it is  called for men)  that I put together with the following Paleo snacks and cooking ingredients. To make it really personal, I added in some new cooking tools he is going to need for his kitchen.

1. Paleo Powder All Purpose Seasoning Variety Pack

What a great idea. A food seasoning pack that can be used in all of the following ways: rotisserie chicken seasoning, chicken soup seasoning, chicken rub seasoning, low sodium chicken seasoning, Italian seasoning, steak seasoning, poultry seasoning, sausage seasoning, BBQ seasoning, seafood seasoning, pizza seasoning, pork seasoning, and even complements your favorite adobo seasoning!

2. Paleo Angel Power Balls Healthy Paleo Approved Gluten Free Protein Snack Bars (Variety 4-Pack)

Made with yummy organic fruit, raw, gluten free, dairy free, low GI, no eggs or tree nuts FLavors include Chocolate, Vanilla, Orange Cranberry and Lemon Cream flavors with organic coconut. Hardly any carbs in these which means they are part of my personal diet, too!

3. Tasty Grass Fed Paleo Sticks

100% TASTY Grass-Fed Beef Sticks Gluten Free MSG Free Nitrate/Nitrite Free Paleo
–no sugar
–no dextrose fillers
–no gluten
–no nitrates or nitrites (except for those occurring naturally in celery juice)
–no hormones
–no antibiotics
–No GMOs
–No MSG<

4. NUCO Certified ORGANIC Paleo Gluten Free Vegan Coconut Wraps

A Non-GMO and All-Natural Alternative to Bread and Tortillas! Our Paleo and Keto Diet with only 4 grams net carbs per warp. These delicious wraps are made from three (3) simple, real-food ingredients: Coconut Meat, Coconut Water, and Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil. There is NEVER a need to refrigerate, freeze, or heat these wraps which makes they a handy quick food to have around the kitchen. Another lo-carb option that I include in my own diet.

5. Steve’s PaleoGoods, PaleoChef Buffalo Wing Sauce

NO added sugars, preservatives, wacky ingredients, or high-fructose corn syrup. Sauces this clean and healthy are hard to find. Great when it’s added to pulled pork, cauliflower, dips.

6. And I threw in some Steve’s PaleoGoods, ShareBar Protein Bars
Which I happen to love myself.

7. And lastly, for fun, I added “MEAT EATER” Apron to the mix

I topped it all off with a handy electric spiralizer  for all the new vegetables he is now eating & managed to get everything into two “I Run on Butter and Bacon” Canvas Tote Bags

But if all of this is too much for you, you can just order a pre-made crate of something like this Exotic Meat Crate  – Jerky & Meat Sticks Sampler n a Wooden Crate.

Or if not to your liking, then find even more gift creates for men  at Amazon…

Whatever you pick, a gift create full of goodies is sure to be appreciated by your Paleo Dad!

7 Gift ideas for Dad on Father'sDay. How about a crate full of healthy goodies that will make him happy to be a father! CallMeSkinny.com

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