Fresh strawberry sorbet fun summer recipe. Sugar free, lo carb, keto inspired. Made with monk fruit sweetener, all natural, no after taste.

Making your own sugar free frozen desserts like this summer-y strawberry sorbet recipe is so easy! No longer do we have to rely on the bitter after-taste of Stevia.

Sugar-free Strawberry Sorbet Summer Recipe - keto friendly, lo-car, all natural sugar alternative made popular by the Keto diet. #vs #ketodiet #ketorecipe #summerrecipe

Coming straight out of the Keto diet craze, we now have a completely all natural, good-for-you, sugar alternative that tastes sweet right off the spoon! It is called monk fruit sweetener and it is the ONLY sugar alternative that I use. It is yet to be available on store shelves but it is readily available at Amazon.

I take any recipe the calls for sugar and, instead, use this monk fruit sweetener 1:1 sugar substitute and get the same taste as sugar without the spike in blood sugar, without any bad after taste and without any chemicals. It is now part of my clean eating program to lose weight and stay thin.

The recipe below is made with strawberries but if you want to make this more Keto-friendly or you just like a different berry flavor, substitute blueberries or raspberries since they are lower in carbs than strawberries.

Summer Sugar Free & Tasty Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

Let’s get started…..

Put 1/2 lbs of fresh juicy strawberries into a blender and chop lightly. Spoon out an set aside in a medium to large bowl (you are going to be adding to these so have a bowl large enough).

Next, add another 1/2 lbs of fresh juicy strawberries to the blender along with 1 C plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt.

Add 1/4 cup all natural, granular sugar-free monk fruit 1:1 sugar alternative

Add 1/2 tsp vanilla.

Blend till creamy.

Pour this creamy blend onto the chopped strawberries in the bowl that you had already set aside. Mix lightly with spoon.

Cover bowl with plastic cling wrap and place in freezer as level as you can (so none spills out). Freeze 2 – 3 hours.

Remove from freezer and (without stirring) spoon out a single serving and place in your single serving sorbet dish of choice. Top with a few fresh sliced strawberries and serve immediately.


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Sugar free summer recipe make from fresh strawberries and all natural monk fruit sweetener made popular in keto diets. #nosugardessert #summerecipe

Fresh strawberry sorbet fun summer recipe. Sugar free, lo carb, keto inspired. Made with monk fruit sweetener, all natural, no after taste.

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