Green tea for weight loss. Does it really work? There are some benefits to green tea but what if there is something better?

Green Tea For Weight Loss – Does It Really Work?

Green tea  is said to be a simple, easy and inexpensive weight control aid that can easily be incorporated into any weight loss program. It is proclaimed to be a natural and safe means to keep the weight off but is it all it is cracked up to be?

The NEW favorite red tea detox diet says no, not really.  So, let’s look at three of the most common claims made in favor of green tea for weight loss.

Green tea for weight loss. Does it really work? There are some benefits to green tea but what if there is something better?

1. Increased Heart Rate

It has been said that green tea helps to reduce weight by stimulating the body’s thermogenesis process, which increases the expenditure of energy and the oxidization of fat in the body.

The point is made that green tea increases the heart rate, and is therefore believed to be safer than diet pills such as ephidrine that also work by stimulating thermogenesis.

But that is like comparing apples to oranges.  Medicinal based supplements are not the same as consuming a natural food like green tea.

2. It’s Natural So It Must Be Better For You

Another point in favor of green tea is that it is not only natural but inexpensive and simple to use.

Of course, green tea can be consumed like any other tea and if you are going to rely on it for weight loss, then no  milk or sweeteners allowed. If you do not like the taste you can purchase green tea extract and popping a pill is pretty easy thing to do.

Bottom line, there are really only two ways to lose weight: one way is by eating less (consuming fewer calories) and the other is by increasing expenditure of energy (using up more calories).

3.  Lots of Anti-oxidants

As we said, green tea is commonly understood to increase that expenditure of energy and has the added benefit of containing powerful antioxidants that may be beneficial to your health in many ways, strengthening the immune system and protecting against disease.

Okay, so there are 3 good reasons to consume green tea to lose some of that weight you have been meaning to take off.


Now, the bad part of drinking green tea is that it does contain caffeine (which is really what is said to make it work).

Given that fact, it might be wise cut out coffee and other forms of caffeinated drinks if you are going to be using green tea to drop some pounds.

As a quick note, decaffeinated green tea is not recommended because the chemical processes that are used to remove the caffeine may destroy the beneficial properties of the plant.


Green tea for weight loss or red tea? Which is it? Which one is better to lose weight and keep weight off?

So, overall, if you don’t increase your calorie count, then reasonably, when drinking green tea for weight loss one might expect a result in gradual loss and better energy levels over a few weeks.

But, here are two things to consider:

  1. There are now reports that, even at large doses, the effect of green tea for weight loss is minimal. (ref: The Truth About Green Tea For Weight Loss)
  2. Green tea does nothing for hunger pains, and in fact, I get more hungry when I drink green tea.

So, what’s the answer?

What if you could drink a tea that does all of the above (without the caffeine) as well as reduces your cravings and quiets down the need to eat more. I have personally found that West African Red tea is so much better than green tea.  Here’s why…..

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