Why Food Labels Are Important To Your Body Transformation Plan


In order for you to effectively experiment in your day to
day eating and still choose nutritionally excellent foods,
you must understand nutrition labels on packaging. Quite
often the companies that manufacture different foods will
claim on the packaging that they are low fat or healthy,
but the truth of the matter is that there are hidden
dangers in there for people that are on different diets.
Being able to read the labels can, therefore, make a huge
difference in the potential success of somebody that is
trying to lose weight.

First, you must look at the serving size on the label
because the nutritional information that is listed on there
will tend to talk about a serving size that is smaller than
the overall size of the item you are looking at. This is
important because a number of companies will mention a
portion of say 30g and list the nutritional information for
that amount, but they know most people will take double
so, in actual fact, it is then nowhere near as healthy as
you think.

What you need to do is to look at the serving size and
then, if you eat double, you must double those figures to
see how healthy it actually is.

Another key area to look at is when they discuss the
percentage of the daily recommended amount that a
portion covers as this can tell you a lot about what is in
the product and how it can affect your diet plan.

Yet again you need to look at the serving size along with
this because if the serving size is 30g and it gives you
25% of your daily recommended allowance for salt and
you take 60g, then you need to double this 25% in order
to get a true reflection. Do also look to see if they
mention how many calories per day this recommended
amount is based on as the majority will be for 2000
calories, but you may be on less than that so you must
calculate it accordingly.

Finally it is worth looking at how to read the individual
ingredients as they will tend to use terms such as Sodium
instead of salt or they will talk about carbohydrates
instead of just listing how much sugar is in it. The
thinking here is that by using more professional names,
then it will sound healthier and it may be an idea to look
at the names on labels you have near you now and make
a note of the terms used so you know if unsaturated fats
are good or bad, how much vitamin B12 is good for you
and that you understand what type of sugar they have
put into the food and what appears in it naturally due to
the ingredients.

So that is how to read nutrition labels to help lose weight
and there really is nothing complex about it as long as
you just take your time to read things properly. By law
they must have this information printed on there, so as
long as you have an understanding of the amounts of
different things you should eat for your diet plan, then
you should find it that bit easier to go ahead and lose that



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