Want a tone tummy for the summer. Here are 5 tips to a flat stomach and toned body for women. CallMeSkinny.com

5 Tips to a Flat Stomach and Toner Tummy In 2 Weeks

Here are a few quick tips for toning your tummy and making your stomach flat that any young woman can use but if you are a woman over 35, then targeted fat loss training is something you might want to look into. First, I’ll give you the fast and easy tips to get you off to a quick start just in time for summer, but if you really want to know what works best and will achieve the longest lasting results, please pay close attention to tip number 5.

Flat stomach workout just in time for summer. Have a toner tummer in 2 weeks with these tips and exexcises. CallMeSkinny.com #flatstomachin2 weeks

Flat Stomach Tip #1

The crunch is the fastest and best way to work your abdominal muscles. In order to maximize your workout, work with a personal trainer to develop the perfect form.

Exercises to lose belly fat fast for women. The stomach crunch is the fastest and best way to work your abdominal muscles. CallMeSkinny.com #exerciseforbeginners #exerciseforwomen #bellyfatexercise #losebellyfat #toneabdomen

Many people do not do crunches correctly, and this will therefore prove to be a workout program with no results. Crunches should be fluid and controlled at all times, and if you are unsure if you are doing them correctly ask a professional for help so you don’t waste you time or, ever worse, hurt yourself.

Flat Stomach Tip #2

Another great tip for toning your abs is to work on the rest of your body using balanced workouts. When you do a move that requires controlled stability, you torso acts as that control, which strengthens your core abdominal muscles. It’s like getting two workouts in one this way!

Flat Stomach Tip #3

Strong back muscles improve posture & go a long way towards having a flatter tummy. Women who want to have trim abs need to know the correct way to exercise for a flat tummy. CallMeSkinny.com

Work out your back muscles, which will help to improve your posture. Slumping causes your abdominal muscles to weaken and looks sloppy overall. When you have stronger back muscles, you will be more likely to stand up straight, looking immediately thinner as a result. Your fitness coach should be able to give you tips about improving your posture.

Flat Stomach Tip #4

If you want to be able to see the muscles that you are building, it is important to eat a healthy diet as well.Switching to low-fat and low-carbohydrates diet choices and these 5 veggies that actually kill stomach fat will put you on the path to a flatter, toner tummy.

Flat Stomach Tip #5

Balance out your hormones. For women, especially if you are over 35, it is a known fact that hormones have a huge affect on the amount of fat we carry around  our belly area and on how difficult it can be to get or keep a flat belly as we grow older.

According to fitness trainer, Shawna Kiminski, exercising the ‘wrong way’ can actually increase the accumulation of fat in our bellies.

Shawna has designed a particular protocol or ‘sequencing’ of workouts that naturally work in conjunction with a woman’s unique hormonal state to switch off belly fat production & enable fat burning and a trimmer tummy. To learn more about targeted fat loss training to reduce belly fat in women, please click here.


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Want a tone tummy for the summer. Here are 5 tips to a flat stomach and toned body for women. CallMeSkinny.com

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