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Whenever a special occasion or a holiday draws near,
people often scramble for quick weight loss products or
programs. While looking good in swimwear during
summer is not a bad idea, looking for a short cut to
weight loss can backfire. Truth is, weight loss is a lifestyle
and not a fad. It is a result of a consistent effort that
involves exercise, proper food intake, and the right
amount of rest. This key will reveal how to achieve a
healthy lifestyle that helps shed pounds permanently.

First, you have to change your perception about weight
loss. It’s not just a matter of watching your weight on the
scale. Weight loss should be about changing your body
composition by having less body fat and acquiring more
muscles. For women, this means losing side handles and
toning your thighs. For men, it mainly means decreasing
your waist line. Lately, health experts are associating
heart disease risks with a large waistline. Hence, having
ripped abs is not just for aesthetic reasons but mainly for
longevity. Weight loss is a goal to achieve good health;
looking good should only be a consequence.

Second, you have to exercise on a daily basis if possible.
Start with brisk walking if you’re overweight to prevent
knee injuries. Perform this activity consistently by
spending at least twenty minutes a day. Or, you can try a
high intensity interval training (HIIT) to jumpstart your
metabolism. Samples of which are burpees, bodysquats ,
push ups, and mountain climbers. This is way shorter to
perform but requires cardiovascular health and lower
body weight. It shocks the body to drastically increase
metabolism that results to weight loss. However, this is
not advisable for people who are just beginning to

Third, educate yourself on proper food intake. People who
need to lose weight should consume less than their total
energy expenditure. Plus, macronutrients like protein
take centerstage along with complex carbohydrates.
Reducing consumption of sugary food products does a lot
of good to your body. Hyperlidimia, a condition where the
body has high levels of cholesterol, is often triggered by
obesity and diabetes.

Avoid eating fastfood. Prepare meals and bring them to
work. Choose lean ground meat and season them with
spices. Then, make sure you have a side dish of
vegetables to add more fiber in your diet.

Lastly, minimize stress in your life by managing them.
Again, you can resort to exercise to shake off stress from
work. Listen to relaxing music. Enjoy time with your
family or pursue a hobby you love. Stress produces
hormones like cortisol that sabotage our attempts at
weight loss. Also, get enough sleep so your mind and
body can function optimally.

As you can see, weight loss is a lifestyle and not a fad. It
means prioritizing exercise over a sedentary lifestyle. It
means choosing the right food to fuel your body. Most of
all, it means a healthy perspective of what life is all about
– taking care of yourself for your loved ones


As we close out this guide, we will cover a few extra tips
and tricks that will help tremendously in transforming
your body. Some tips might require you to adjust your
lifestyle entirely. However, they are of great assistance in
losing weight.

It’s the surest and most natural way to lose weight.
Exercising can be done in so many ways to fit into your
daily activities. For instance, you can decide to cycle to
and from your work place or shopping center instead of
taking a bus. On the other hand, you can opt to use the
stairs instead of the elevator. Other activities like
walking, jogging and running will also contribute to
weight loss.

You can make exercising fun too, like playing basket ball
with your peers or kids, going on long walks with your
loved ones and many more fun activities that eventually
will burn calories. On the other hand, you can structure
an exercising routine every day that will involve at least
30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises.

Remember, exercises on top of burning up fat and
calories also help in building a lean muscles mass which is
essential for the body’s metabolic rate.

If it’s not possible to quit alcohol entirely, limit yourself to
a maximum of two on isolated cases when you have to
take alcohol. Alcohol has no nutritional value to the body
and the body usually uses it as its first energy source.
Eventually, the food consumed ends up being stored as
fat in the body. Alcohol also influences you to eat the
wrong type of foods, preferably junk foods that are high
in calories. It’s, therefore, essential to avoid alcohol
consumption, or to limit its consumption, as much as

Similarly, avoid fruit drinks and soda. Instead opt for diet
drinks and plenty of water. Water suppresses the regular
urges to eat and consequently help you lose some weight.
It also keeps the body hydrated, which is ideal for
nutrients’ release to the body.


Green tea is also favorite beverage for people on a weight
loss program. Studies have demonstrated that consuming
green tea leads to more calories being burnt faster than
those who do not consume it.

Consume the right foods

Eat the right foods that will not contribute to weight gain
but rather to weight loss. Grape fruit has been found
effective in helping people lose weight. Consuming half a
grape fruit three times a day burns more calories by
boosting the body’s metabolism. On the other hand,
avoid or minimize on the consumption of fats, especially
animal fats as they are high in cholesterol. Opt for skim
milk and low fat cheese. Similarly, consume lean meat,
preferably white meat. In addition, opt for unprocessed
foods as their calories and fat content is lower. On the
other hand, if you have to consume processed food, like
bread, opt for the whole grain bread as its high in dietary
fiber content. Fiber assists in burning calories.

Also things to avoid are, refined sugar containing
products and junk food. Look for sugar substitutes to use
in the place of sugar. Junk food is low in nutritional value
and high in calories content. Avoid it as well. However,
ensure you consume plenty of fruits and vegetables .

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