You can lose weight when you get your hormones in balance. The key is what your eat, when and the best 21 day diet that anyoe can do and love!

Is Your Belly Fat Because of Hormones?

Attention, women. Here is a simple fact:  Belly fat and the amount of pounds you carry around each day is reliant on your hormonal balance (or imbalance).  According to Prevention Magazine:

“Research shows that it doesn’t take much of a hormonal upheaval for your body to start packing on the pounds, especially around your midsection. Something as simple as eating carbs for breakfast or getting too little sleep can create an imbalance. What’s worse, that extra padding, called visceral fat, can churn out stress hormones like cortisol, that actually lead to increased belly fat storage”

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We all know that stress hormones like cortisol lead to increased belly fat storage but did you know that women over the age of 35 are subject to even more hormonal upheavals that add to the problem?

TRUTH: Every woman holds the “menopause gene” in her DNA. It’s a tiny little gene buried deep inside our fat cells. And it just sits there and when we reached the age of 35 our menopause gene instantly switched on and our tummy quickly filled up with ‘menopause molecules’, blowing up our bellies like water filling up a balloon and created stubborn, troublesome belly fat that is hard to lose.

According to fitness trainer, Shawna Kiminski, exercising the ‘wrong way’ can actually increase the number of menopause molecules piling up in your ‘menopause belly.’

Shawna as designed a particular protocol or ‘sequencing’ of workouts that naturally work in conjunction with a woman’s unique hormonal state to switch off fat belly causing menopause molecules to enable fat burning and a trimmer tummy. To learn more about targeted fat loss training to reduce belly fat in women, please click here.

But what about diet and eating the right foods?

MYTH: You can lose weight by counting calories. A lot of healthy experts and online ‘gurus’ will recommend that the best way to lose weight is to stick to a diet that is low in calories and then to combine this with extra activity. They love to say that extra activity will make you burn fat faster and if you aren’t consuming extra calories then this will create a deficit resulting in you quickly becoming slimmer.

WRONG! This general advice is just not good enough.

Replacing some (not all) of your meals with nutritious smoothies designed and consumed in a very specific sequence and frequency can level out your hormones, bring you body back into health and put your body into a fat burning state.  The nutrient and ingredient ratios, which vary week to week (to make sure the weight keeps coming off and stays off) play an important part in keeping hormones in check.

According to health coach Drew Sgoutas of the famous smoothie diet, there are underling factors that effect women and hormones are part of this. As a health provider and celebrity coach, he researched specific ingredients and nutrients and designed a meal replacement program to balance out hormones and go after belly fat. The idea is to substitute certain meals with the smoothie recipes that are provided along with a schedule and routine of how to incorporate smoothies into your daily meal planning.

As a way to get started, here is a $10 off coupon for the smoothie diet.

Bottom line, your hormones do affect the way and where fat accumulates on your body so implementing both the right kind of exercises and the right kind of diet will go a long way to reducing belly fat…especially for women.

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You can lose weight when you get your hormones in balance. The key is what your eat, when and the best 21 day diet that anyoe can do and love!
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Ref: Prevention Online Magazine

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