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BCAA’s – Burn Belly Fat & Stop Cravings With Amino Acids!

What is the most powerful way to burn belly fat, stop sugar cravings and lower the cortisol levels that are making you fat?  The answer is a special group of amino acids known as BCAA’s.  BCAA powdered drinks are fast becoming one of the most effective weight loss supplements that any woman can use to speed up fat loss and tone muscle. It’s not just for body builders anymore (but more on that later).

Your first question might be, what are BCAA’s and how do they work to turn any woman’s body into a fat burning furnace?

Burn belly fat fast with this body building drink for women. Speed up your fat burning and get a flat belly super fast CallMeSkinny.com #bcaadrink #bcaaforwomen #burnbellyfatfast

First let me answer by saying that BCAA’s are amino acids that the body cannot make on it’s own. You can eat specific foods to boost BCAA’s in your body, but to get the amount needed and in the right ratio and with a woman’s body in  mind, a supplement in powder form is highly recommended.

Let’s back up and give a quick intro to BCAA’s. The acronym stands for branched-chain amino acids. That doesn’t tell you much and even when I tell you that the three specific amino acids needed to burn belly fat are Isoleucine, Valine & Leucine ( a kind of ketogenic amino acid).  I imagine that you still don’t know much more than you did (at least, at this point, I didn’t).

What you really need to know is that when you mix a BCAA supplement in powder form into a glass of water and drink it at any time of the day, three things are going to happen that will help you tremendously in burning belly fat and losing overall body weight.

1. Stops Sugar Cravings

If you are like me, sugar cravings are the inevitable block to any weight loss program I go on. Just by altering your carb intake and reducing your calories, you will begin to crave sugar and carbs even more. Many diet plans are designed around this very side-effect of changing your diet to lose weight in the attempt to keep cravings at bay and while I have found several plans that work for me, I can sometimes still get the cravings that drive me mad.

BCCA supplementing is a quick and more effective solution because it works directly on the serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin is what tells you that you are full and it is scientifically known that if you can keep your serotonin levels at maximum load to reduce cravings then you can go a long way to staying on the diet plan of your choice.

2. Lowers Cortisol Levels

Drinking a BCCA supplement also lowers cortisol levels and everyone knows today, that cortisol is the main culprit in creating belly fat.

Everyone goes on about how stress increases cortisol levels – and, as the studies have shown, it does – but lowering your stress levels is not going to get rid of belly fat that has already taken hold. Not only that, but dieting, in and of itself, IS stressful so it becomes a vicious circle that many of us have been caught it again and again.

Instead, the better plan is to get the body into a fat burning state whereby fat is the first thing to go when attempting to lose weight. The faster we can see results, the more likely we are to stay on a healthy, weight loss plan. Which brings us to benefit number three of taking a branched-chain amino acids supplement.

3. Burns Fat, Not Muscle

The whole BCAA supplement movement, essentially, came out of the culture of weight-lifting body builders. People who do body building are all about creating and keeping strong muscles and when studies showed that BCAA’s are needed to keep the body from losing muscle mass while losing weight, then the body building community were on it.

It works like this…  When you restrict calories and carbs, your body will take from the muscles first before it goes after the fat in your body for its life-sustaining energy. Taking a branch chain amino acid supplement re-routes the whole process and forces your body to burn it’s fat reserve rather than muscle mass with the added bonus of maintaining the energy you need to sustain a healthy existence.

In truth, body builders hooked into BCAA supplementing because the amino acids give a huge boost to both the process of building up muscle and to boosting energy levels during and after intensive workouts.

You Don’t Have to Be A Body Builder to Burn Belly Fat with BCAA’s

The good thing, though, is that you can reap the benefits of BCAA supplementing and you don’t have to be a body builder or be that interested in building muscle mass, per se. Rather, think of BCAA drinks as the lazy dieter’s answer to something that keeps on giving whether your make daily intense workouts part of your weight loss plan or whether you are like me and walk 3 -4 times a week for exercise.

Drinking some BCAA powder mixed into a glass of water between meals can keep your body in a muscle building, fat burning state. How much you take is up to you, but once a day might be all you need. Definitely start out that way and see how it goes for you. The guide to how much you might want to supplement can simply be your appetite and craving levels. I use it to stop sugar cravings between meals and it as worked for me.

If you find that one serving of BCAA’s has an effect on how much you are thinking about food and whether or not you find yourself eating less without the torture of wanting more, then you’ve hit the mark. As with all supplementing of anything, take it slow and pay attention to what your body is telling you. Only then, can you gauge if taking any supplement is working for or against you.

Which BCAA Supplement is Healthy and Safe To Burn Belly Fat?

I hope you read all the way to the end here so you can read about bad BCAA supplements and good ones that are healthy and safe to take.

Many BCAA supplement powders come from China and are cheaply made using harsh acids and possibly toxic chemicals to extract the amino acids out of – get this- duck feathers and human and animal hair.

So rather than pollute my body with toxins, I take Amino Slim Weight Loss Drink For Women which is vegan based and uses fermentation rather than harsh chemicals to derive the amino acids from plants. It is caffeine free, sugar free, carb free & gluten free. It is sweetened with Stevia and tastes like lemonade.

I find that when taken consistently throughout the day, it can really help against overeating and compulsive snacking which I can be prone to do.

As an added benefit Amino Slim Weight Loss Drink For Women is the only BCAA supplement that I know of that also contains the herb, Ashwagandha to increase the ability of BCAA’s to lower cortisol levels and burn belly fat.

But, don’t take my work for it. Read the reviews and decide for yourself if BCAA’s are right for you in your efforts to stay on a healthy diet for effective weight loss.



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